Information Technology


CCTV Design & Implementation

Big security responsibility? NUT delivers scalable, well-proven network video solutions that offer outstanding video surveillance and monitoring capability, combined with exceptional flexibility that keeps costs down.

Web Designing & Hosting

NUT website design and hosting services gets your business online, you can have a simple website solution or the most demanding online applications. To set up a website you need a domain name, hosting solution and a web design.
NUT offers flexible web hosting packages and a feature-rich experience with all you need for your business or personal website.

Email Secruity & Hosting

With NUT, you don’t need to know about SMTP relays or MX records to create an email account – our award-winning expert support is here for your support.

WIFI Network Extention, Design & Implementation

The design of wireless LANs has evolved from being centered around the model of maximum coverage with minimum AP count to a model where coverage uniformity and proper cell-to-cell overlap are the predominant concerns. This has been driven by increasing interest in deploying new wireless applications such as wireless voice with its intolerance jitter and high roaming delays. In a similar fashion, deploying location-based applications using a Wi-Fi wireless LAN requires augmenting our traditional approaches, both in the design of "greenfield" location-aware installations as well as the augmentation or retrofit of existing designs.